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As we all know, where to start a VR Arcade is very important for the overall VR project business, it affects the foot traffic directly. There are many different locations for options including a shopping mall, theme park, game room, playground, and other locations. which are our main location-based VR customers in the market. Today we will talk about destination locations and mall locations.

There are pros and cons of having our VR arcade in a destination spot as well. As pros and cons of having it in a communal spot or a mall.

If you have a destination spot, obviously you have a lot more flexibility with what you can do in your arcade, how you want to build it out, but also your hours, when you want to be open.

On one hand, if you can figure out the busy hours, you can close when it doesn’t make sense for your business to be open. You can stay open late on weekends. That’s definitely a good pro for a destination location.

On the other hand, you may cost more time marketing your own brand compare to the rent, to bring traffic in.

In a communal location or having your VR arcade in a mall, the biggest pro that will help. You immediately are the constant foot traffic. You don’t have to rely on word of mouth or referrals or your marketing efforts to bring traffic in.

2-4 VR attractions are the command standard that our customers do now, only need 30-50㎡ , which could generate most types of VR attractions like VR Roller Coasters, Multiplayer VR Shooting, VR Racing Simulators,s and Kids VR. like the below pictures shown:

Traffic is walking by your store, and walking by your arcade daily.

If it’s in a mall or a shopping center, it’s usually high foot traffic. What do you have to do when you consider shifting your marketing efforts to bring in the people that walk by your store, getting them into the store, and getting them into the headset?

There are a number of different ways that we did that. I think the most obvious ways are just the signage and the promotional signage, having bright colors, and having it eye-catching as they walk through the door.

We also did some pop-up banners that displayed and promoted some discounts ad incentives that we had, especially for the summer with summer discounts, and memberships, and things like that.

That captures the attention. If you can capture the attention long enough, then they’re going to be interested to walk into the store. At that point, they should want to put the headset on.

We think marketing to the foot traffic is a really big key if you are in a mall or in a physical communal location.

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