Free Roam VR

Unlike traditional VR experiences, which are typically limited to seated or standing experiences, free roam VR allows players to physically move and explore their virtual environment as if they were actually there. This creates a highly immersive and interactive experience where players can explore, interact, and play with their virtual surroundings in a way that is similar to real life.

5G Cloud Free Roam VR Details 

Free Roam VR experiences can offer players a unique and exciting form of entertainment, while also providing businesses with a way to engage customers and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Product Name: zero latency virtual reality Free Roam VR

Player: 4-8 Players

Power: 2-4KW

Voltage: 220v

Weight: 100-200KG

Max Load: 200KG

Size: L8000*W8000*H3000mm

Configuration List 

5G Cloud VR solution, wireless streaming.4 players, 25-64sqm, column and pillars accommodated.

Interactive PVP & Immersive PVE Shooting Game

Free Roam VR experiences are often multiplayer, allowing multiple players to join in on the adventure and explore the virtual world together. This type of VR experience is popular among VR enthusiasts who want to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world and experience the freedom and excitement of exploration and adventure.

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