Top 10 points the customer must care about opening a VR park!

If you are considering opening a VR park and seeking assistance from customer care, you might want to ask some of the following questions
  1. What type of equipment will I need to open a VR park?
  2. Can you provide guidance on setting up the physical space, such as the layout and dimensions required for optimal VR experience?
  3. Can you suggest suitable VR games and experiences offer in my park?
  4. What is the cost of licensing VR content, and how can I obtain the necessary licenses?
  5. How do I ensure the safety of customers and prevent damage to the VR equipment?
  6. Do you provide any training or support for staff to operate and maintain the VR equipment?
  7. Can you help with marketing strategies and promotion of my VR park?
  8. What are the estimated costs involved in setting up and running a VR park, and can you provide any financial projections or business plans?
  9. Are there any legal or regulatory requirements I need to comply with to open a VR park?
  10. How do I handle customer complaints and issues related to the VR experience?


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