VR Infinite War

VR Infinite War is a 4 player VR shooting machine,which is a large arcade-style setup that allows 4 players to play VR shooting games simultaneously,provide an immersive and interactive gaming experience for players.

VR Infinite War Details

The setup typically consists of 4 VR headsets, 4 pairs of VR controllers, and 4 gaming stations, all connected to a powerful gaming computer. The gaming stations may also have additional components such as haptic feedback systems and motion tracking sensors to enhance the VR experience.

Product Name: VR Infinite War

Player: 4 Players

Power: 1KW

Voltage: 220v

Weight: 600KG

Max Load: 800KG

Size: L4100 x W3900 x H2600mm

Interactive PVP&PVE VR Game is Fun and engaging gameplay

The game are fun to play.VR infinite War games offers a range of immersive VR experiences including cartoon, adventures and zombie shooter by all ages and skilled level.With intuitive controls and challenging gameplay that keeps players coming back for more

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