Commercial Home Golf Simulator

It combines advanced technology including high-speed cameras, sensors, and computer software, to recreate the experience of playing golf on a virtual golf course.

Golf Simulator in your own home are now more feasible than ever before!What used to be $50,000 minimum investment for an accurate golf simulator, can now be achieved for under $10k.

The best part… you don’t have to go to your local country club or pro shop to get on a golf simulator and play indoor golf… you can have one right in the comfort of your own home.

With an in home golf simulator, you can golf anytime you want with your friends and family, regardless of the weather outside, and start dialing in your distances better than ever before.

Advanced Korean Golf Simulator 18-hole Course Modes

1)Competition modes include Stroke, Skins, Match, Foursome, and Competition.

2) 3 Practice court modes include Swing practice course, Cutter practice, and Putter practice.

3) Support 8 players in the same game.

Eagle Eye Launch Monitor With Dual Ultra-High Speed Camera

1) The frame rate of the camera is 4000FPS, and the data analysis is completed within 40 milliseconds after hitting the ball, and the system has no delay.

2) The induction test rate is more than 1 million times per second, and the accuracy can reach 99.9%.

3) Accurately measure flight distance, landing distance, ball speed, club head speed, side spin, back spin, swing path, swing angle, club face angle, hook, slice, etc.

Experience The Best Full HD graphic 1920*1080

81 high-definition 3D stadiums, all of which are meticulously crafted in a 1:1 scale using real geographical data. They are created through on-site photography and drawing, capturing every tree, leaf, and path to authentically reproduce the surroundings.

Swing motion analysis system

High-definition swing motion capture, with lenses capable of adjusting focal length based on swing distance, automatically records and edits the swing motion, providing a comprehensive representation of the entire swing process from setup to follow-through.

Auto-Tee Up Machine

Indoor golf simulator Size Reference

If you are like most golfers, you will get the best value with your golf simulator investment in this tier. Whether you want to dial in your distances or have endless entertainment,we provide excellent value, all for a starting price under $10,000.

Best Golf Simulator Reviews

Golf simulators have various applications ranging from individual practice to social entertainment. The right golf simulator bundle for you comes down to a few important pieces including budget, space required and technology and features.

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