Visual Flying theater

A visual flying theater is a type of immersive entertainment experience that combines the visual sensation of flying with the immersive feeling of being in a dome-shaped theater, Offering an immersive and exhilarating experience for riders of all ages

Visual Flying theater Details

Panoramic Flying Theatre is a true “immersive ride” for entertainment with advanced technology. Dynamic flying platform in real-time according to the development of the film storyline, rapid switching movement, make lifting, back and forth, left and right movement, bumps, horizontal rocking, yawning, and other actions, with a variety of wind, water, and other special effects for visitors to bring the thrill of the real feeling.

4K HD Contents for Adventure Experience

4K HD naked eye 3D film content combined with a patented six-axis kinetic platform the experience is taken on an exciting journey to the top of the world in a powerful spaceship. 160° curved screen with orbiting ship, highly recreated space adventure.

Flying Theater Solutions

We have done 10 seats,18 seaters, 32 seats, and 45 seats flying theater projects in tourist attractions, shopping mall,s and entertainment park. The design can be tailored to suit different themes, such as marine, dinosaur, space, and other popular elements.

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