Dome Flying theater

A visual flying theater is a type of immersive entertainment experience that combines the visual sensation of flying with the immersive feeling of being in a dome-shaped theater, Offering an immersive and exhilarating experience for riders of all ages.

What's Dome Flying Theater?

The Dome Flying Theater is the application of naked-eye 3D technology to flying.CinemaThe 160-degree curved large screen is combined with the track-type spacecraft, and the dynamic flight platform switches motion in real-time according to the story development of the film, making movements such as lifting, moving back and forth, left, and right, and bumping. The stunning visuals are combined with simulation effects such as wind, rain, and lightning to achieve truly immersive amusement.

Key Feature about dome flying theater


Cutting-edge Technology

Applying naked eye 3D technology to flying cinemas provides an unparalleled experience compared to traditional 4D and 5D: cinemas, and there are only afew companies worldwide that have broken through this technology, with a strong sense of technology.


immersive Experience

The 6K high-definition naked eye 3D film content, combined with the patented six-axis dynamic platform, can simulate acceleration, and diving. shaking and other movements, providing a realistic and exciting weight lessness, sharp turns, and flight experience, which is eye-opening


Strong Social Attributes

The circular cinema is a new darling of the cultural and tourism industry and is one of the mandatory check-in projects for tourists. After experiencing it, tourists can easily achieve the promotion effect of passing on from person to person, which is bound to be a major highlight of scenic area.

Dome Flying Theater Details

Innovation Dynamics R&D Team: Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow's Challenges

6K Ultra HD Content

Popular themes include ocean, dinosaur, and space adventure. We continue to develop excellent content.

Customized Theater Solution

We have done 10 seats,18 seaters, 32 seats, and 45 seats flying theater projects in tourist attractions, shopping mall,and entertainment park. The design can be tailored to suit different themes, such as marine, dinosaur, space, and other popular elements.

8 Players Solution

Floor area: 12000mm (L)*8000mm (W)*4000mm Projection screen size: 12000mm (L) *3800mm (W) Rated voltage/power: 380V/22KW

18 Players Solution

Floor area:14200mm(L)*9500mm (W)*5000mmH Projection screen size:14000mm(L)*4200mm(W) Rated voltage/power:38

32 Players Solution

Floor area:21500mm*12500mm (W)*6000mm (H) Projection screen size:16500mm (L) *5000mm (W) Rated voltage/power:380V/50KW

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